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One Pitch, Two Pitch, Red Pitch, Blue Pitch

14 May

The article “7 reasons why it’s time to retire ‘pitch’ and ‘pitching'” is pretty aggressive for my taste. I’m all about expressing you opinion, but Andy Beaupre, co-founder and CEO of a communications, branding and PR company Beaupre, seems to have grudge toward “pitches.” I think pitching works. I think it’s one day there might be a different system for conveying messages and ideas from organizations to the news but until there is a new systems the PR people are going to use what has worked. 

As a student, at The Ohio State University, I want to try and learn how to be the best PR/communications person I possible can be. I think “pitching” doesn’t need to retire. I think it just needs a facelift.


My title “One Pitch, Two Pitch, Red Pitch, Blue Pitch” is a play off of the Dr Seuss book “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” because I think Dr Seuss books give life and fun to reading. PR professionals can use this same mentality to spice up their “pitches” and start utilizing their creative skills. 

Tips for pitching!

Is “pitching” the wrong method for you? Then try to discover the new way to convey messages and ideas to reporters and spread the word to your PR friends!

The question… To pitch or not to pitch is up to you and what you feel works best for your organization. Look into who you’re trying to give information to, the audience and what the reporter/new outlet wants.

Use your creativity to find the new way to pitch or add some flavor to your pitches to spice things up for the reporters. “Pitching” can still be useful and relevant if you think outside the PR box.