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I’m a Pepper

13 Apr


When I was younger I watched this show about one hit wonders, which are music artists that have only had one major hit. One of the people on the countdown was in a commercial that caught my attention and invaded my mind with a catchy tune. It was the Dr Pepper commercial. I love the beverage that has a signature blend of 23 flavors and the catchy tune only solidified my devotion to the fizzy soda drink. Recently Dr Pepper came out with a new commercial bringing the old campaign back into the marketing world. The commercial shows people taking off their jackets to show their “I’m a ________” shirt. All of the shirts were created to show that everyone is an individual and different but they are all united as Peppers. Excitement and happiness filled my PR heart when the ad used the hashtag #ImA, short for “I’m a”, to get viewers involved in the campaign. I tweeted immediately to show my appreciation and devotion to all of the Peppers in the world.  The ad is successful because everyone can “Be a Pepper” just by enjoying the drink. It’s very inclusive and simple for all demographics. The commercial was fun, sweet, and adorable. My love for Dr Pepper has grown stronger with the simple jingle that I heard when I was younger and now in present marketing. I’m a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?