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Exposure with a Brochure

20 May


Brochures are tricky. You need to have the right combination of white space, content, pictures, color, etc. The list of what you need to think about goes on and on. While I was browsing some brochures I noticed one in particular that interested me. The brochure is for BOSE DJ Vegas. There are some positives to the brochure but I also think there is room for improvement in the brochure design department.


The brochure has great use of white space. The front is clean and goal oriented. The brochure knows what it wants to advertise and puts it front a center.

The name of the organization is big and memorable. If I look at the brochure and can pick out the name of the product/service being offered then it is a success.

The contact information is visible. A person might only give your brochure a glance. Make the important information easily accessible.

The content on the back of the brochure is distributed so the brochure does not look crowded.


The color isn’t eye catching. This brochure could get muffled by the dark and uninviting colors. Make your ad pop without becoming painful to look at.

I think the brochure needs personal touches. The pictures are of the equipment and city but if there were actual pictures of the service being done then it might ad more credibility.


I think the brochure is successful. I knew what it was offering and the important information to utilize the service. The brochure has a great use of space and content. The layout is not crowded and makes it easy to navigate.

The role of brochures in today’s communication world. An organization must think of what message they are trying to convey and whether a brochure fits that message. Brochures are an easy take-away reference for potential or existing customers. The role of the brochure is to convey information about a product or service your organization has to offer. Utilize the portable advertisement to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. The brochure’s role is to give enough information to create interest. The tough part of creating a brochure is balancing the space usage, content, color, etc. The brochure can be a great tool for organizations to advertise their services or new products.