Tweeting is for Everyone

26 May

Do you have a Twitter? Want more followers? Want more interactions?

I went to an engineering event so I could tweet at a live event for class. Fun fact: Engineers are not avid tweeters. I went hoping to get RTs and mentions but received neither. When you’re at an event you should have an idea of what type of crowd you’re in. If you’re at a concert, your Twitter account is great to use. If you’re playing cards at your Grandmother’s house, though fun, may not be the most efficient way to use your Twitter to get more followers.

You can use events to spread your handle to a more broad audience. If you mention the band at a concert, or hashtag things that are relevant to the event, then you are more likely to show up on people’s radar. When you use mentions and hashtags you open to door for others with the same interests to find you and become mutual followers. Utilize your mentions and hashtags to market yourself in the Twitter world. 


It’s never a bad idea to mention a brand or organization. They are trying to get as many followers as possible and if you send a tweet with good information or praise toward their company, they are more likely to RT you or mention you back. Then all of their followers see your handle. It’s an easy way to get your name out there.

Before you go to an event you should research. Find out if the company has a Twitter account. Look for relevant hastags that the company uses. Find links that you can share. Your research should give you an idea of how you want to tweet to gain more Twitter readership.

Take pictures at the event and tweet them. I love looking at people’s Twitter pictures. It’s an easy way to show people what you’re up to without making them read your 140 character description. Take pics. Send pics. Enjoy.

Events can be great for spreading your name throughout different Twitter audiences. Use hashtags, mentions, RTs, pictures and links to increase your odds of getting noticed by other Twitter users. Use my tips for event tweeting and you will be on your was to Twitter professional status in no time.


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