Brand Loyalty: The Twitter Chat Zone

2 May

I am no longer a Twitter chat virgin. Twitter chats are the fastest way to tweet conversations about a specific topic. If you are a fast tweeter, fast reader and fast thinker then Twitter chats are for you. The information was great and the people were fantastic. Everyone was willing to give their opinion on your tweets and spread the information you provide. I was so happy with my first Twitter chat experience that I think it might be a regular occurrence for me. There are tons of different types of Twitter chats for various interests.


I participated in #mediachat, which is focused on all types of media and our guest speaker, @noellephx, was going to specifically reflect on brand loyalty. I think creating brands might be my calling so I wanted the scoop on creating brand loyalty.

Twitter Chat Zone

Here are the top questions and answers from the brand loyalty Twitter chat. The questions were asked by @kilby76, our host, and answered by @noellephx, our guest speaker. (Warning some questions and answers have Twitter lingo)

Q1.)  How do we identify opportunities to increase brand loyalty?

A1.)  Know your brand enthusiasts, the fanatics. Build experiences for THEM. Your loyal customers shape/build the brand, not you. Be responsive to what they value most. Always be paying attention to the loyalists.

Q2.) Where do we find our loyal customers?

A2.) Sales data, buyer patterns, social media, surveys, etc. BUT it goes deeper than that. You must look at human behaviors.

Q3.) Why do human behaviors play an important role in building brand loyalty?

A3.) Humans have natural instinct to want to “belong.” Brands are attractive because of the community they have.

Q4.) How do we compete with big Brands who dominate our industry’s loyalty?

A4.) These brands have just set the bar. You need to provide people with your own unique/satisfying experiences, every time. If you want a piece of the “big brand love,” you need to continuously prove you deserve it.

Q5.) What can social media do for brand loyalty?

A5.) Social Media gives people the platform for outrage. Resulting in “brand damage” faster and more painful than ever before. Act fast! Happy customers are sharing online. Use that info to get maximum value from what they’re telling you. Build/design for THEM.

Q6.) Why are enthusiastic employees part of the brand loyalty process?

A6.) Consumers pay attention. Brands immediately lose credibility when internal issues/HR issues are publicized. Creating loyalists out of employees is crucial. Passion fuels passion. Create the bond between employee/consumer.

Q7.) Can we turn regular, part time buying customers into fanatical brand advocates?

A7.) Absolutely! Market/develop/design for loyal enthusiasts creates a “buzz”/community other will want a piece of. DON’T focus on mediocre buyers. Focus on LOYALS. Create for them. The part-timers will follow. Again, human behavior.

Q8.) Why target loyal existing customers? Why not attract new customers?

A8.) NEW will breed from loyal, stay on the course of loyalty, THEY build the brand, they mold the brand, not you.

Q9.) What is the most powerful thing a brand can do to make an impact with loyalty?

A9.) Build community. People gravitate to brands that fulfill that need. “belonging” “insider club” Think VW/Harley/Apple. And listen. Loyal fanatics will scrutinize your every move. If unhappy, they will voice it, RESPOND to them!

ImageThe Twitter chat lasted for an hour but the information educated me for my future. The information was fantastic and I loved hearing first-hand tips and advice. Next time you have an extra hour, go to a Twitter chat (this link takes a minute to load) and get the latest news and tips.

According to Forbes, the Top 10 of 100 Loyalty Leaders are:


2 Responses to “Brand Loyalty: The Twitter Chat Zone”

  1. jafree89 May 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    sounds like it was an insightful blog. I also am interested in branding so I may have to check it out some time

  2. noahblerner May 7, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    I think this is really descriptive of what your Twitter chat experience was like. I especially like what you said about how when you’re in a Twitter chat, your are ideally a fast tweeter, fast thinker and a fast reader.

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