Getting to the Second Date with Your Media Relations

30 Apr


I have visited a few press rooms from different organizations and I have discovered that there is a lot of information you need to include to keep your media relations fresh. These media relations are similar to romantic relations. Here are some tips to become a media relationship expert in comparison to romantic relationships.









1.) Don’t be selfish and think about what they want out of the relationship.

  • Romantic relationship- Ask questions and try to uphold your end of the relationship
  • Media relations- Give them stuff to work with. They want accessible and relevant information.
2.) Don’t lose contact with them
    • Romantic relationship- Update each other about your current life, stay on the same page.
    • Media relations- Send updates to make sure they know you’re still thinking of them. Keep the relationship fresh.

3.) Go above and beyond.

  • Romantic relationship- Instead of just giving gifts on special days. Send a bouquet or buy your significant other something nice to show your appreciation. It could be a heartfelt note or even a dinner date.
  • MediaRelations- Include different types of media. If you have videos, photos, soundbites or any other type of media that could be useful. Give it to them to show that you’re invested in the relationship.

Keep your relationships fresh, efficient, and informative. Romantic relationships are similar to media relations. Look for the comparisons to create the perfect media relationships.


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