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Getting to the Second Date with Your Media Relations

30 Apr


I have visited a few press rooms from different organizations and I have discovered that there is a lot of information you need to include to keep your media relations fresh. These media relations are similar to romantic relations. Here are some tips to become a media relationship expert in comparison to romantic relationships.









1.) Don’t be selfish and think about what they want out of the relationship.

  • Romantic relationship- Ask questions and try to uphold your end of the relationship
  • Media relations- Give them stuff to work with. They want accessible and relevant information.
2.) Don’t lose contact with them
    • Romantic relationship- Update each other about your current life, stay on the same page.
    • Media relations- Send updates to make sure they know you’re still thinking of them. Keep the relationship fresh.

3.) Go above and beyond.

  • Romantic relationship- Instead of just giving gifts on special days. Send a bouquet or buy your significant other something nice to show your appreciation. It could be a heartfelt note or even a dinner date.
  • MediaRelations- Include different types of media. If you have videos, photos, soundbites or any other type of media that could be useful. Give it to them to show that you’re invested in the relationship.

Keep your relationships fresh, efficient, and informative. Romantic relationships are similar to media relations. Look for the comparisons to create the perfect media relationships.


I Remember My First Tweet

23 Apr

I have been on Twitter for over a year and I never really got hooked until I started using my account professionally. I’m not a big “I have to tweet about every moment all day long” kind of person. I don’t like that people use that method but it’s just not my style. I used Twitter about once a week or I would get on and tweet about 25 times in a single day. I was very inconsistent. My personal Twitter was a #fail in the making.


After I started following other public relations professionals, I began reading my Twitter more and becoming more active. When I was finishing my resume I asked for advice. I was looking for grad schools and asked for advice. If you ask then you shall receive because the Twitter world was full of answers and advice. I think using Twitter professionally is an awesome way to create concise, creative and modern messages for the fast-paced environment.

Twitter can be a great tool for success if you want to network in 140 characters or less. It sounds scary but here are some of my tips on how to use your Twitter account as a personal and professional networking tool.

1.)  Watch what you tweet. Don’t tweet things you wouldn’t want your boss or your grandma to read. Once it’s out on the Internet, it’s there forever.

2.)  Follow potential employers. They might post job listings or company information that can help you during an interview.

3.)  Post links in your bio to more information about yourself like a blog, LinkedIn profile, or a YouTube channel.

4.)  Keep your relationship with your closest followers. Mention them every once in a while to keep in touch. You never know when they might have the right connections.

5.)  When you like an organization, let them know. You could get a RT or a mention that could brighten your day.

6.)  Make your tweets public. You can check your followers often or require your approval before they can follow you. If you’re following tip #1, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

I’m a Pepper

13 Apr


When I was younger I watched this show about one hit wonders, which are music artists that have only had one major hit. One of the people on the countdown was in a commercial that caught my attention and invaded my mind with a catchy tune. It was the Dr Pepper commercial. I love the beverage that has a signature blend of 23 flavors and the catchy tune only solidified my devotion to the fizzy soda drink. Recently Dr Pepper came out with a new commercial bringing the old campaign back into the marketing world. The commercial shows people taking off their jackets to show their “I’m a ________” shirt. All of the shirts were created to show that everyone is an individual and different but they are all united as Peppers. Excitement and happiness filled my PR heart when the ad used the hashtag #ImA, short for “I’m a”, to get viewers involved in the campaign. I tweeted immediately to show my appreciation and devotion to all of the Peppers in the world.  The ad is successful because everyone can “Be a Pepper” just by enjoying the drink. It’s very inclusive and simple for all demographics. The commercial was fun, sweet, and adorable. My love for Dr Pepper has grown stronger with the simple jingle that I heard when I was younger and now in present marketing. I’m a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

Advertising Zoo

10 Apr

Today I saw my very first commercial that advertised it’s Pinterest Pin Board and asked viewers to follow it. It was for HGTV and it blew my mind. Yes, I watch HGTV. Yes, I love most of the shows. Yes, I want to buy a house right now and renovate it. My college budget and friends will not allow it so I must keep working and saving to finally buy my future fixer-upper.

Anyway, back to the first Pinterest commercial ad. I am surprised it took so long for organizations to start using Pinterest as a way to get advertising that can spread like wildfire. Basically, all you have to do is create pins that are visually appealing and BOOM. One person will repin it and then their friend will repin it and so on and so forth. The advertising limits are endless. The best part is you can link the pictures to your site. It can go directly to the page to purchase the product. I can see it now. Pinterest will become an advertising zoo where people with shopping addictions will go to shop until their bank accounts drop. It’s going to happen.


10 Apr


My name is Alex and I am a 3rd year at The Ohio State University. I want to create and express my thoughts on communications from a college student’s perspective. My dream job would be a write for SNL so humor will be injected into posts to spice things up a bit. Social media and Internet has been a huge part of my life as a millennial or someone born from 1980 and beyond. I hope to inspire you to think and figure out who you are as a communicator. I want to introduce you to my thoughts and feelings toward different techniques in the field of communications.

My social media life has included Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but Blogs are a beast of their own. I have read blogs and even tried to create one of my own. My first blog creation failed miserably. You know what they say… “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” I am here to redeem myself and prove to the communication world that I am going to rock it’s social media socks off.

This blog is meant to invite you into my mind on communications. The perspective of a college student on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other communication outlets. I want to focus on social media and dabble in marketing. Welcome to Student Communications!